Our Vision

"Our cities are completely drowned in heat islands and urban deserts.
We spend too much of our precious energy to climatize buildings and to find fresh and food.

Just as we look back today and weird the world without mobile communication, laptops and the internet,
future generations will not understand why for so long we covered our buildings with burnt clay, stone, iron and tar - instead of gardens

Sérgio Rocha, Instituto Cidade Jardim Founder.

Why Kaatop:

 'Kaá' means 'leaf', 'grass', 'forest' in tupi-guarani, original language for several Amazon and other South-American indigenous people. 

Despite their immense transformation potential, the green roof market reaches less than 1% of the world's roofing market - this means that the world continues to install dry roofs, investing in heat islands and building desert cities for the future. We must change this pattern of growing.

One of the reasons that made it difficult to choose green roofs instead of traditional dry roofs is a technical mismatch: conventional green roofs cannot be installed over clay or fiber cement roofs - material that count for more than 80% of the Brazilian roofing market.

With that in mind, we created a product that allows much of the existing roofs to be exchanged for green roofs, creating the possibility of bringing nature to buildings that could not receive a conventional green roof.

Our dream is to radically expand the scale of use of green roofs and other urban green infrastructure applications so that one day we can look back and see how backward and rudimentary were the materials we used to cover our buildings.

– Sérgio Rocha e Fabiana Scarda
Instituto Cidade Jardim Founders

A team leaded by values

Our Partners

We would not be here today without the support of our amazing partners.

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