KAATOP specifications

Orientation for overlapping, fitting and screwing the panels on the support structure.

Yield and overlaping

For transportation reference, each unit covers 1.25 sq. meter, but see in the illustration above that 4 tiles cover 4.38 sq. meter - that is, due to the fitting overlaps, we have an average yield of 1.10 sq. meter / panel.

Kaatop can be installed either in 
horizontal (min. 5% slope) or vertical

With Kaatop you do not need a waterproof slab with a waterproof coating for green roofing.
In other words, you can simply replace conventional ceramic and cement tiles, taking advantage of the wood structure according to the recommended spacing (see below):

Mind the gap between the panels

Easy connection

You can install Kaatop in the same way that you would install a conventional sandwich panel, except that it must accommodate the internal channels of the cultivation core to allow the drainage and irrigation connection between the panels. 

1. Always install the first row of panels on the bottom of the roof or wall structure. 

2. After that, position the drip hose transversely on top of the blue half-cane tubes, at the head of the panels as indicated by the red signs, inserting a drip emitting button (self-compensating) for each line. 

3. Only then, overlap the next row of panels immediately above, stacking the blue tubes to ensure that the drainage or irrigation water passes to the panel immediately below. This will prevent leaks and ensure tightness.

Check the right position to place the dripping lines: 
between and inside the panel rows


Detailing Irrigation

Kaatop can be connected to any type of drip irrigation system. 
Install panels one line at a time, inserting a drip button per cultivation line.


Gutter suggestion

In order to save water, energy and nutrients, we recommend that Kaatop to be installed in a closed irrigation system. For doing that, it is necessary to separate rainwater from irrigation water. This can be easily accomplished with Kaatop - just install a separate collection gutter, receiving only the excess water that runs inside the core of the panels according to the drawing below:

Remember to protect gutters, edges and other metallic devices with an anticorrosive paint or insulation.

Technical Facts

Installation Facts

Ornamental hanging garden with Kaatop at Instituto Cidade Jardim the headquarters - Itu, São Paulo.

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